I’m Jodie, and Coppablog has been my space on the internet for almost five years. It all started whilst I was in college and started a blog for one of my projects, having loved working on my blog, I carried on all the way through university mainly focusing on my instagram, @coppablog.

I am a 23 year old and graduated university where I studied Fashion Styling and Creative Direction a year and half ago. Whilst at uni I found my love for creating, photo editing and digital content, all of which I share on my blog and instagram.

For my final project at university, I created ‘The Coppa Closet‘ a sustainable fashion planner bundle including a lint roller, de bobbler and a sewing kit. This product encourages a world of re using, recycling and thought out buying. I am passionate about sustainability and that is a key factor of my blog. (To see more click on the ‘Fashion’ > ‘The Coppa Closet’ tab).

Since graduating, I have travelled Australia and East Asia giving me the opportunity to soak up new cultures and experiences that I was able to share with you. I still have many more travel dreams and can’t wait to share those with you too.

Over here you will find content on fashion, lifestyle, travel and beauty. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading! x

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