Top 10 2021 diaries / planners

Finally we are almost at the end of this unusual year and one thing that us stationery addicts are looking forward to is picking our diary/planner for next year. As we all know this year has been a right off so there will be plans rearranged and arranged for next year to make up for lost time and hopefully add a little positivity/hope. Below are my top 10 for 2021, I tried to find a range of different planners that have different styles/themes to suit most people!


I had the pleasure of meeting the three owners of the ‘Inspired Stories’ in 2019 apart of their focus group for the 2020 diary. I have used their planners for the past two years and absolutely LOVE the design, style and layout. They have a range of different colours and two different styles to choose from to suit you. The planners focus on wellness and reflection so at the end and the beginning of each month there’s a few pages to keep on track of your goals for the year.

They have some stunning accessories to go alongside the planner including the pen holder and there is option to personalise the planner to add a name or initials which adds such a nice touch. This year for Black Friday they have some amazing discounts, click here to sign up for them.




I personally haven’t had the opportunity to try this planner but I have heard great things and it looks absolutely stunning! It is definitely on my wish list! The layout of this planner is slightly more specific to timings so if you work to schedules this seems like a perfect option for you. It comes in two different colours, pale pink and grey and comes presented in a stunning box.

PRICE: 2021 PLANNER: £59.00 



I found this company a couple of weeks ago and think that this will be the planner I will be investing in for 2021. The planner has a classic design with a simple weekly layout. There are pages to work out finances and create budgets, bucket lists, birthday lists and small tabs to quickly get you to the next month. There a few designs so definitely check them out if you haven’t already! They also sell their products on Amazon and Etsy.

PRICE: Limited Edition 2021: Planner £14.95 


I got ‘The Happiness Planner’ at the beginning of uni and loved it! If you are someone who struggles with anxiety or has general mental health issues this planner gives you the opportunity to reflect and focus on the positive aspects of your daily life. Each day has positive quotes and different sections to keep you motivated.

There are now multiple different planners to choose from on their website alongside different colours.

PRICE: 2021 PLANNER: £44.00



Papier have some incredible designs this year for planners/diaries! This one above is one of my favourites and it has the added option of having it personalised. You can also customise the foil colour to either rose gold, gold or silver too. This is very similar to the ‘Scribble & Dot’ planner as it has a very simple layout perfect for those that just want to use their planner for scheduling and planning. They are such good quality planners and they currently have 20% off for Black Friday up until the 30th November, Midnight!

For the planner above click here.

PRICE: Prices vary depending on planner, the one above is normally £37.99 but with the discount it currently £30.39


‘The Hello Day Planner’ is another one which I haven’t personally tried however looks amazing. The original style to the planner is like the ‘Carrie&Co.’ and ‘The Happiness Planner’ with the wide binders however this petite planner looks the perfect match to anyone who is on the go and wants a fancy planner. They have loads of accessories for the planners to dress them up and you are able to customise the planner for a fee on either the front or the inside cover.




These planners by ‘Ella Iconic’ look so dreamy and have everything in them to keep you on track. This planner gives you a day a page, so if you are someone who needs a lot of space per day then this will be perfect for you! There are daily, monthly and quarterly check ups to see if you are achieving your goals and pages to help you budget your money and plan travels. The style of both these planners are insane especially the rose gold accents!

PRICE: 2021 Planner spiral bound ‘CEO of my own life’: £46.00 | 2021 Planner leather ‘CEO of my own life’: £39.99


The most STUNNING looking planners of all time! ‘Magic of Eye’ Astrological planners have everything you need to either learn more or gain a deeper understanding of astrology – it is suitable for both beginners and advanced. The imagery in this planner is absolutely amazing and is perfect for someone trying to reach / keep on track of goals. This is shipped from the US and is in dollars however I have ordered from them before and never had a problem/ any import tax bills.

PRICE: 2021 ASTROLOGICAL PLANNER: $45.00 (around £34.00) 


An all time classic! You can’t really go wrong with a filofax as you can choose your inserts and choose what layout you desire. It’s a more sustainable option than the others too as you just need to replace in infills each year rather than the whole planner. The planners are amazing quality and will last you years on end. This one above is the original classic and is perfect for putting in your handbag. They have SO many different colours and styles to look at!

PRICE: £58.65 (Normally £69.00) Filofax Original Personal Planner


Lastly a more of a technical option for the people who aren’t ones for planners/diaries is an App created by ‘Moleskine’ called ‘Timepage’. I have been using this alongside my planners for around 2 years and it is INSANE! It has a very clear layout with the option of customising the colours. When you add something to your calendar you have the option to add the location so the app tells you how long your journey will take alongside the weather report for the day. The app also has some handy widgets for the iPhone. You can view your calendar from a monthly view or daily view. I pay £8 a year for this and I think it’s worth every penny.


I hope this has been helpful and I would love to know what planners you will be investing in for 2021.

Love Jodie xoxo



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