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— Product featured was gifted by the brand —

When learning about this brand, I was able to understand a little more about what ingredients go into our pores when applying product under our arms. One thing in particular that really stood out to me was “Aluminium free” all over the packaging, who would have thought that aluminium would be in deodorant? Well, there is a difference between antiperspirants and deodorants:

Antiperspirants – are used to block pores and therefore prevent sweat/ unwanted toxins.

Deodorants – are used to prevent body odour.

Aluminium is only used in antiperspirants but can result in unwanted health impacts on our body.

Personally for me I am very much an antiperspirant user, using sticks and roll ons haven’t been my cup of tea mainly because they normally leave me with a sticky/wet armpit and don’t seem to last for long periods of time. However since wanting to be more environmentally conscious I wanted to try it again.

Wild kindly gifted me this product and I have now been trialling for around 3 weeks, I have been pleasantly surprised!


  • You have the option of choosing your case that you will re use. I chose the colour coral, however there is aqua (metallic blue), Purple, and silver to choose from.
  • You then have the option to do a one off purchase or to do a subscription so that a refill arrives to your door as your last one runs out (also means you get a slight discount).
  • Then it comes to choosing the scent – (personally I found that part really hard as I can be quite fussy when it comes to scents) I chose the coconut dream’s and it is amazing, slightly sweet but not at all over powering. The other options are; Orange zest, Bergamot Rituals, Mint fresh, and rose blush.
  • Lastly you pop in your payments details and personal info and it should be with you in 3-5 working days (mine was with me in 3).


  • The packaging of the product was environmentally friendly (card board box, paper cartridges and recycled aluminium re usable case). There was a couple of leaflets, one of which explained how to pop the insert into the casing. There was no excess packaging and was protected well.
  • I found pinching the sides of the casing to separate the lower part a little tricky to undo, however from adding the insert and popping it all back together was very simple and easy. TIP: don’t twist the base too much as you can’t reverse the deodorant to go back down.
  • The casing itself feels really good quality, it hasn’t dented or scratched since me using it.
  • The product is very smooth and doesn’t leave with ‘sticky pits’. The product has an amazing texture, its really creamy and dries quickly too!


I took a little bit of time getting used to this product, I found myself still wanting to reach for my antiperspirants, I do find that it doesn’t stop the sweat aspect, therefore making me feel unclean. After having got used to it, I have really enjoyed WILD deodorant, I really like the scent and love the texture of it! The casing looks amazing, it’s a good size and last a really long time. The concept of this product is amazing and I LOVE the environmentally friendly aspect!


If this is something you might want to try, I do have 10% off for you, just add the code COPPABLOG10 by JULY 30th.

Let me know what you think and if you have tried this product.

Jodie x



  1. Katy Stephenson
    July 28, 2020 / 12:26 pm

    I’ve seen and heard so much about this product recently! Might have to give it a whirl!

    Katy |

    • coppablog
      July 29, 2020 / 8:05 am

      It’s a game changer! Let me know how you get on!

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