Accessorise your tech with Caseapp

When it comes to our phones/tech there are two qualities we look for:

  1. That it will offer good protection and is of good quality.
  2. Is visually appealing to suit your personal aesthetics/style.

Recently the brand Caseapp gifted me two phone cases and I had the opportunity to trial them for a week to show you what I personally think of them.

Firstly I wanted to mention that I have used this brand before for both my laptop skin and phone case and absolutely loved them. They offer a wide range of styles as well as skins/cases.

When you order the cases you have the following options; make/model, protection and the finish. I decided on getting the ‘slim’ and ‘tough’ protection options to see the difference.

I chose two similar styles that had neutral colour schemes with an abstract print on them. The one on the right called ‘Hidden’ had the ‘tough’ option and the one on the right called ‘Daydream’ had the slim option.

Having used both cases, I personally prefer the ‘Hidden’ case with the ‘tough’ protection, it feels better quality with more reassurance of the phone being fully protected. I love the print on the ‘Daydreamer’ case however it’s very slim with limited areas of covering the phone and doesn’t feel as good of quality.

The ‘tough’ protection offers a cover over the buttons, a bevel around the screen and a bumper for around the bottom of the phone. If you are anything like me and are clumsy with your phone, this option is a MUST need!

Caseapp have recently introduced a custom option for you to design your own with your own images, this is a perfect gift idea for someone and will add a personal touch too!

I have a code that will give 20% off your purchase until the end of July: COPPA20

Hope you enjoyed this.

Jodie x

*Products from Caseapp have been kindly gifted.


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