My 2019 goals

New year, new me… blah blah blah…

Hello and welcome to my first blog post of the year. I can’t believe it is already 2019, it doesn’t seem that long ago i was saying that about 2018! I do love it when it is a new year, a time for a fresh start with whatever you feel you want to achieve and you feel so motivated to make it all work.

I am sure you all have your own individual goals you would like to achieve throughout the year, and for me there is so much i want to do in terms of university, blogging, travelling, and my fitness.


When i first applied for university three years ago, I still wasn’t sure on if I even wanted to go, I spent so much time umming and arring about if it was going to be me, if it was going to benefit me and if I wanted to get into dept. Now I am only 7 months off of graduating (well i mean, i hope), and that has gone so fast and has been the best years ever. So i am focusing on that for the first half of the year.


It’s been a while since i last created a blog post or even instagrammed, if i’m honest I have felt a little de motivated with some parts of my blog and felt as though i was in need of a break. I have also had my dissertation due in at uni, which has resulted in me hibernating with multiple cups of coffee and typing until my fingers go numb. Whilst that is over, i still have until late April for my final deadline. So between now and then I am going to be posting about uni projects under my ‘portfolio’ tab and keeping you updated on my FMP (final major project). Once uni is over, i will be attempting to travel and spending more time on my blog content.


I have always wanted to travel, its been a dream of mine for years and it is definitely something i would like to do before i start a full time career. My main aim is to do Europe over the year and spend time saving in time for travelling in late 2020 with my boyfriend.


This is the one goal i set myself every year, and is probably the most common new year goal for everyone, but i am determined to make this one stick and get past easter without falling into the chocolate trap! I have got myself some alternative sweet options, healthy meals and a fitness plan, so let’s see how long this one lasts.

Happy New Year! xoxo


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