A few step’s towards having a sustainable wardrobe.


Welcome to the area of my blog where i talk about fashion. I bloody love fashion, infact i study fashion styling at university and due to this i LOVE even more buying clothes. However since watching the BBC programme feauturing Stacey Dooley called ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’, I have noticed that my addiction isn’t only hurting my bank account, it is hurting the environment and effecting people’s lively hoods – sounds very dramatic but its true!

Now if you havent already seen this, i would definetly recommend a watch because its sickening what is happening to our planet due to the fashion industry and this problem doesn’t seem to have enough awareness as i believe it should.

A few things you probably should know is that the fashion industry is the worlds second biggest polluter and that is due to the crazy amount of fast fashion.

IT IS OKAY TO WEAR ONE THING MORE THAN ONCE:  I think this is something we are all guilty of, but people are buying clothes for one event and then don’t feel that they can wear it again because its already been posted on social media. Thinking about it now i don’t understand why it is so looked down on, you are allowed to wear more than one outfit and you are allowed to wear it more than once especially for an instagram post. Lily Pebbles, a blogger who i follow recently posted on her insta stories a picture of her feed (i will insert below) where she wore the same jumper in the last four or five images and i found that really inspiring. You should be so confident in that what you are buying and what you are wearing is something that you love.

IMG_1034.PNGinstagram: @lilypebbles

This doesn’t mean that the only option is to not shop for more clothes, but be slightly more conscience of what you are purchasing, maybe think twice and think if this is something you either really need and you will get enough wear out of. There a loads of brands who are becoming more aware of this and are planning to become more sustainable for the future, but in the meantime making sure you love everything in your wardrobe and being a that little bit more carefull will be a step in the right direction.

Another option would be if you have a skill of some kind within textiles or stitching, it would definetly come in handy if you have a piece of clothing which you love and needs a bit of TLC. Instead of throwing it out, you could either stitch up an area which may be broken or add something to the top to make it slightly different or a more ‘on trend’ piece.

These are only a few things which will make a huge difference, i hope you found this helpful and if you have any more suggestions for blog posts please message me on instagram or comment below.

Lots of love

Jodie xoxo


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