5 steps towards having a sustainable wardrobe without breaking the bank

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Sustainability within the fashion industry has become an important topic and is something all fashion brands will be aiming to achieve. Whilst fashion brands are trying to adopt to this concept, us as consumers need to make some changes to ensure a sustainable fashion industry is achieved.

Having watched the BBC documentary featuring Stacey Dooley called ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’, I found it to be a massive eye opener on how much the fashion industry has on our environment.  If you haven’t seen it already, I definitely recommend a watch. It explains how much fashion is impacting the environment as well as to the people who make the garments.

The fashion industry is the worlds second biggest polluter due to the vast amount of fast fashion produced. Below are a few suggestions on creating a sustainable wardrobe without breaking the bank:

  1. Wearing the same thing more than once

I think this is something we are all guilty of, buying clothes for one event and not wearing it again because it’s already been posted on social media or have already been seen wearing it. Most items of clothing can be styled in various ways to look like a different outfit.

2. Research brands

If you search online the brand you are interested about for their sustainability report or on their website you should be able to find out what their goals are by X amount of years. Investing in those brands would be beneficial to see brands who have no intention in a sustainable future or are still producing unethical clothes. This will then give you a rough idea of wheres best to shop from and where isn’t.

3. Shopping consciously

Be conscience of what you are purchasing! Think is something you really need? Will get enough wear? Is this a trend piece and will this be something I would wear next year? There are loads of brands who are becoming more aware of this and are planning to become more sustainable for the future, but in the meantime making sure you love everything in your wardrobe.

4. Learning/using a skill 

If you have a skill within textiles or stitching and you have clothes that need a bit of TLC, instead of throwing it out, you could either stitch up the area thats broken or add something to the top to make it slightly different or a more ‘on trend’ piece.

5. Recycle 

When clearing out old items of clothing that you aren’t interested in anymore, don’t throw it out so it goes to landfill. Try charity shops, clothes/textile bins or use an online source to re sell e.g. Depop.

These are only a few things which will make a huge difference, and I hope you found this helpful.

Jodie x


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