How to keep your skin happy in the summer to autumn transition

As much as we all hate to admit it summer is slowly coming to an end and autumn is creeping up on us… meaning theres normally a few tweaks we should make to our skincare.

The most common issues of this transition is that you tend to get dry skin and breakouts, this is due to the colder air drying up your skin and creating dead skin build up, this can also trap oil under your skins surface causing the breakouts to happen. To prevent this from happening, here are a few tips:

Tip number one:

EXFOLIATE: i would recommend to exfoliate the skin around 1/2 times a week to ensure you are removing the excess dead skin, and help boost your skins natural oils. Choose an exfoliator which isn’t too harsh that it won’t remove your skins natural barrier, but one that you know will do the trick. Personally i am going to be using the spa magik mild exfoliant – this is by far the BEST facial exfoliator i have used, it removes dead skin cells gently and helps prevent black heads from forming. Its key ingredients are sea sand, coconut oil and natural clay so it will be really moisturising to the skin as-well.

Tip number two:

OIL BASED/ CREAM CLEANSER: Some cleansers, for example foam cleansers can leave your skin feeling really dry and tight. If you are someone who has a cleanser that does that, firstly they usually strip your skin from its natural oils which isn’t very good, but secondly will make your skin feeling very dry. I will always recommend the PIXI / Caroline Hirons double cleanse which has an oil based make up remover and a creamy cleanser (i have explained more about this product in this blog post)

Tip number three:

MOISTURISE: This sounds quite predictable but you would be surprised the amount of people that don’t. I would recommend if you suffer from quite dry skin to use a thicker moisturiser and if possible with an SPF in too – you may be thinking why? But SPF helps against not only sun damage but wind damage too.


Add an oil or serum into your routine. A rose hip oil will be good if you are someone who suffers from redness and this will help with calming the skin.

Tip number four:

DRINKING WATER: keeping your body not only moisturised on the outside but on the inside too! When drinking water it flushes away all the bad toxins in our body and helps give a glow to the skin due to the skin being an organ of the body and needing the water.

Tip number five:

LIPS: After thinking about all the other skincare bits your lips are usually forgotten about, but are normally the ones to get affected. This is the worst time of year for my lips, where its changing seasons from hot to cold and with high levels of wind.

Over the past couple of months i have been using the Bali Balm lip balm in the flavour; bergamot and grapefruit and I was pleasantly surprised when i have been using this! I haven’t exactly heard of this brand and thought it would feel really sticky on the lip and not give the hydration i want from a lip balm.

However this does the complete opposite and gives the perfect moisture to the lip. It glides on so smoothly and has an amazing fresh scent to it. I haven’t had any issues and it definitely has a higher end feeling to it.

The lip balm itself is derived from three essential oils; coconut, castor, and kukui nut. Each ingredient is 100% natural and made in Bali. Its a vegan friendly lip balm too as it doesn’t use beeswax its uses candelilla leaf wax and sugar cane extract. Go and check out their website as they have such an interesting story and they also support lots of charity’s based in Bali – plus there is two more extra flavours!

I hope that this has been helpful!



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