a new way of tanning

Being that person that can’t be bothered to fake tan because you don’t have the time for it to develop, or you don’t want to have to wash your bed sheets every day or just because you HATE the smell of fake tan, is so annoying especially when you are pale as f**k.

When this st.tropez purity came out, i was so excited to try it as its literally all i have ever wanted out of a fake tan and i can tell you that i am over the moon with it. It smells so good when you put it on and doesn’t have that horrible sticky feeling. It’s such a lightweight formula that you don’t really realise that you are putting anything on your body, which in most cases is really good but in other you can’t see where you are putting the product so makes you worried it may come out really patchy. The colour isn’t the darkest and is a very light tan, however its a perfect top up for when you are away on holiday gaining your tan, or if you have fake tanned with a heavier product.

The scent is probably my favourite part, its so fresh and fruity and I won’t lie to you do get the biscuit smell but thats not until after wearing it for about 8 hours or so and its the end of the day, when you want to have a shower anyway. I have tested it on white clothing and pure white bed sheets too and there is no sign of the product discolouring the fabric, nor making it smell too.

All you do it squirt a couple of pumps of the product on to the mitt and massage it in circular motions until you feel it has reached every area of your body.

The face mist is literally the best thing EVER! It can be worn under make up and spritzed on your face during the day or at night and you end up with such a nice glow! It doesn’t block your pores up with black speckles on your face and give you that muddy look. It gives you the perfect sun kissed glow that you get when being on holiday. Plus it smells SO good too.



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