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Can i just start with how beautiful the packaging of these product’s are, the colours and simplicity are my absolute favourite! but more importantly what are the products like inside? Well this is only two of the products from the origins: original skin range and so far i am really enjoying them.


i think this product is absolutely incredible at breaking down product on your face and removing dirt. Waterproof mascara and excess oils are removed so easily however i do feel that and second cleanse is needed afterwards. It starts off as a gel and when its massaged into the skin and mixed with water it turns into a milk. I felt very refreshed but not completely satisfied like my Pixi double cleanse leaves me with. The texture of the product is so smooth and it has no scent either which is reassuring that theres no perfume. This is also recommended for dry, normal and oily skin.

PRICE: £19.50


This is targeted at dry, normal and oily skin. This is one of my favourite cooling masks. I was suffering with quite bad redness and dullness on my face and this helped completely brighten it and leaves my face feeling so smooth. This mask has small exfoliating jojaba beads inside of it which helps brighten and buff away dead skin cells. I had also noticed my pores reduce in size. The scent of this is so fresh and calming, some of the ingredients include: mediterranean Rose Clay and Canadian Willow Herb.

PRICE: £26.00

WILLOWHERB: The Jelly cleanser & the rose clay mask contain an active ingredient of willow herb. For those of you who don’t know, it is a flower found in Northan Canada & studies show it helps prevent a protein change that can result in dullness and discoloration and helps restore radiance to skin. People who suffer from spots when put under stress, this ingredient will help ALOT.


This was added in as a free sample after i purchased the other two product and i loved it! The smell of this mask is the most refreshing floral scent! Im usually not a massive fan of sheets masks but recently i have been enjoying using them. After using this sheet mask i felt so much more moisturised. The mask contains natural Bamboo and formulated with pure flower extracts forming radiant skin. There is more of these sheet masks with different ingredients which may be more suited to your skin type.

PRICE: £5.00

TIP: If you go to any origins counter they normally give you little samples to try the products or when you buy a certain amount they give you little samples too.


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