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So i have seen some of these posts been done before however i thought i would try it myself. You don’t realise the amount of rubbish that you end up trailing around with you, until you decide to clear out your bag and i thought i would share with you some of the things which seem to be something i always have and use!

The first thing which i always like to have is a lip balm, there is nothing worse than being out and about and having dry lips. I always change my lip balms up but this time around i am loving this Elizabeth Arden eight hour lip balm. It makes your lips feel nice and smooth and gives them just the right amount moisture. It doesn’t release a sticky residue and doesn’t have a strong scent either. Its completely clear and gives your lips a healthy glow. Another thing that i love about it, is the packaging, where as with a vaseline tub you need to either have nails or almost tacky hands to open the lid. The tin on this is a screw lid meaning there is no issues when opening nor closing.

The soap and Glory Hand Made is the nicest smelling hand sanitizer without the scent of pure alcohol being smothered all over your hands. It does the job really well of cleaning and refreshing your hands & this product is something i use on a daily basis especially when theres days out to London on the tube.

Having dry hands is a horrible feeling, it’s cringes me out and gives a chalky feeling to your hands. I have been using the Palmers Coconut hand cream which smells absolutely incredible as well as giving just the right amount of moisture to the skin. Its in a perfect compact size.

The Revolution Lipstick was something i use in the transition from winter to spring, its the perfect shade for a day to day wear and can also be used in the evenings. The shade of this lipstick is ‘Chauffeur’. The packaging is stunning and is really good value for a good quality lipstick.

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