The ELAN café

After seeing the Elan Café being posted everywhere all over social media and it being one of the most photographed café’s i just had to go.

There is two in London, the one i went to was on Brompton Road and it was absolutely stunning! Not only was the decoration and the interior design amazing but the food was even better!

Everywhere you looked or ate was photo worthy, it was incredible! The staff were so lovely and polite and appreciated that you would be taking photos of EVERYTHING! When i went i had a chicken dish, that tasted amazing and again was presented perfectly and afterwards i had the warm cookies… these had small flowers in there and was honestly one of the most amazing cookies i have ever tasted! To drink, I had a Spanish latte which tasted lovely, was so sweet and was also presented beautifully!

Considering where you are and the quality of what you have been given, i think that it is really good value for money. I would recommend to anyone, however if there is a possibility you can book, i would recommend that as we waited for about 45 minutes before we got in and i think it could have been longer if you were a bigger group of people.


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  1. April 14, 2018 / 11:09 am

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