editorial styling: LOVE magazine proposal

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This is a proposal i created for LOVE magazine. The chosen trend was based around the colour yellow for spring/summer 2017 and it was told to be the optimistic colour of the season, this is when i wanted to turn this trend into a story.

Taking that on board i researched the colour meaning of yellow. It came up with all these words of enlightment, loyality, happiness, joyful and many more words under the positive category. This lead me to more research of the phycological meaning of wearing bright colours, and how it can affect you in your day to day life. There was an article that i read which proved that someone who wore a darker colour everyday was more depressed and non motivated, where as someone who wore a brighter colour deemed to be more postive and happy. It came to me that anxiety is an illness which has become a lot more common and especially within the fashion industry. Considering the amount of impact the fashion industry has, using it as a way of creating awarness seemed like a no brainer.

The proposal stated that i wanted to do an interview with someone who has dealt and struggled with anxiety, and how it has affected them with in their day to day life. It also highlighted the particular hair and make up trends which i would like to use in my final shoot.

I emphasised the use of the swirl and even incorporated it into the logo of LOVE magazine. This swirl symbolised the confused and trapped feeling that anxiety can make an individual feel, and thought it would work well with LOVES style.


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