prague at new year

Spending new year in a different place other than at home with all my family seemed strange to me, although it was exciting to see how a different country spent new year. Prague is a place I had never been to before and I always wanted to go, the photos online looked amazing and I had heard nothing but good things.

The overall trip was three nights long, which in my opinion was a good amount of time to go for. We were all able to see what we wanted in Prague. below are few recommendations which I found was a good place to see and go.


  1. PRAGUE OLD CAR – this was an old-fashioned car that had heated seats and floor in the back, and also had cosy blankets to keep us warm, (it was very cold).  It was around £10 per person and there was 5 of us. You can pick this up in the old town, the people are normally in orange coats. The driver takes you to the most significant places in Prague and explains to you the history around them. It’s a really good way to see the city quickly and gives you good suggestions on where to go.
  2. UV CRAZY GOLF – we found this place online before we went, it was in a really strange part of the city, completely out of the way, when you go in, you don’t expect it to look very nice, but when you finally get through to the first door it was really good. completely dark with neon artwork of around the world. There was 18 holes which was plenty, and at the end if you got a whole in one they gave you a free drink.
  3. THE MARKETS – they have these cute stalls up, that sell little bits and bobs. As it was Christmas time they had lots of Christmas decorations, there was food stalls and little hand-made gifts.
  4. CHARLES BRIDGE – You can get some amazing pictures on here of Prague and the scenery is so beautiful. This is also where we spent new year. It was an amazing place to be at midnight, due to Prague not having any official fireworks until new years day evening, everybody sets off their own which meant you had a 360 degree view of fireworks setting off. It was very pretty and an amazing experience. However after the fireworks it was very scary, people were very eager to get off of the bridge once they were over and it became very crowded and squashed. Firecrackers were going off and people were still setting off fireworks. We were able to get a uber back to our hotel, however the roads were very busy as you would expect at new year. If you are someone that doesn’t mind all of that though, i would recommend that.
  5. RESTAURANT: ALRISO – We came here for dinner one night and it was a lovely meal, the staff were amazing and the overall setting of the restaurant was unique. It was in an underground bunker so had these huge arched walls. The food was Italian, so it was good for fussy eaters. I had spaghetti with prawns and it was a very nice meal. It is down a cute little street and i would recommend booking before going.

We also visited lots of one off pubs and cafes for a pitstop in the day and they were all really lovely. They also had these donut looking things everywhere which was something we all wanted to try but every time we got near one we had just eaten and didn’t fancy eating one, but i would recommend trying one if you have an empty stomach as they looked soooo good!



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